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New Fiction in May 2015

A bollywood affair / Dev, S.
A god in ruins : a novel / Atkinson, K.
A love like ours / Wade, B.
A sparrow in Terezin / Cambron, K.
A spool of blue thread / Tyler, A.
After a fashion / Turano, J.
All the light we cannot see : Doerr, A.
American innovations : Galchen, R.
Amherst : a novel / Nicholson, W.
An untamed state / Gay, R.
Anaconda choke / Brown, J.
Anna's crossing : Fisher, S.
Beach town / Andrews, M.
Benefit of the doubt / Griffin, N.
Black iris / Raeder, L.
Blood ties / Guild, N.
Boo : a novel / Smith, N.
Church of Marvels / Parry, L.
Detroit is our beat : Estleman, L.
Disclaimer / Knight, R.
Discount : Gray, C.
Eat my heart out / Pilger, Z.
Eight hundred grapes : a novel / Dave, L.
Eighth grave after dark / Jones, D.
Ellis Island / Kerrigan, K.
Enchanted August / Bowen, B.
French coast / Hughes, A.
Girl at war : a novel / Novic, S.
Girl in the moonlight : Dubow, C.
How to start a fire / Lutz, L.
Hugo & Rose / Foley, B.
I take you : a novel / Kennedy, E.
I, Ripper : a novel / Hunter, S.
Jack of spades : a tale of suspense / Oates, J.
Luckiest girl alive / Knoll, J.
Maggie Bright : a novel of Dunkirk / Groot, T.
Medicine walk / Wagamese, R.
Method 15/33 : a novel / Kirk, S.
Mislaid : a novel / Zink, N.
Not always a saint / Putney, M.
Our souls at night / Haruf, K.
Radiant angel / DeMille, N.
Re Jane / Park, P.
The anchoress : Cadwallader, R.
The Argentine triangle / Topol, A.
The art of baking blind : a novel / Vaughan, S.
The beekeeper's daughter : a novel / Montefiore, S.
The big fix / Grimes, L.
The daylight marriage : Pitlor, H.
The distant marvels / Acevedo, C.
The dynamite room : Hewitt, J.
The fatal flame / Faye, L.
The fateful lightning : Shaara, J.
The fold / Clines, P.
The forgotten room : Child, L.
The ghost network : a novel / Disabato, C.
The green road : a novel / Enright, A.
The guest cottage : Thayer, N.
The hanged man / Elrod, P.
The ice twins / Tremayne, S.
The Jazz Palace : a novel / Morris, M.
The Jesus cow : a novel / Perry, M.
The knockoff : Sykes, L.
The last bookaneer / Pearl, M.
The life and death of Sophie Stark / North, A.
The love object : O'Brien, E.
The maintenance of headway / Mills, M.
The making of Zombie wars / Hemon, A.
The mapmaker's children : McCoy, S.
The memory painter / Womack, G.
The painter : Heller, P.
The personal history, adventures, experience & observation of David Copperfield, Dickens, C.
The rocks / Nichols, P.
The second sister / Bostwick, M.
The shadow girls / Mankell, H.
The silence that speaks / Kane, A.
The sniper and the wolf : McEwen, S.
The snow queen / Cunningham, M.
The sound of glass / White, K.
The summer's end / Monroe, M.
The Watchman / Magson, A.
The water knife / Bacigalupi, P.
The well : Chanter, C.
The wonder garden / Acampora, L.
The Zodiac Deception / Kriss, G.
Traitor's gate / Newton, C.
Valley of the shadow / Peters, R.
Voices in the night : stories / Millhauser, S.