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New Fiction in August 2014

2 A.M. at the Cat's Pajamas : Bertino, M.
29 / Sojourner, M.
A colder war / Cumming, C.
A good year for the roses : McNeil, G.
A history of the future : Kunstler, J.
A man called Ove : Backman, F.
A man came out of a door in the mountain : Harun, A.
A matter of breeding / Jones, J.
A Song for Issy Bradley : Bray, C.
A wedding in Provence : Sussman, E.
Abroad / Crouch, K.
Arts & entertainments : Beha, C.
Back channel / Carter, S.
Bittersweet : McCullough, C.
Close call : Rimington, S.
Close to home / Jackson, L.
Close to the broken hearted / Hiebert, M.
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage : Murakami, H.
Crime always pays / Burke, D.
Dancer in the dust / Cook, T.
Deadout / McGoran, J.
Dear Committee Members / Schumacher, J.
Dirty work : Weston, G.
Don't Look Back / Hurwitz, G.
Don't try to find me / Brown, H.
Driving with the top down / Harbison, B.
Etta Mae's worst bad-luck day : Ross, A.
Fives and twenty-fives / Pitre, M.
Flight of the sparrow : Brown, A.
Gun metal heart / Haynes, D.
Harbor Island / Neggers, C.
Hardwired / Wild, M.
Her last whisper / Robards, K.
Heroes are my weakness / Phillips, S.
Hurricane fever / Buckell, T.
Inamorata / Chance, M.
Invisible Streets : Ball, T.
Keep your friends close / Daly, P.
Lisette's list : Vreeland, S.
Little Bighorn : Hough, J.
Love Letters : Macomber, D.
Mean streak / Brown, S.
Mr. Tall : Earley, T.
No safe house / Barclay, L.
One of us / O'Dell, T.
Owen's daughter : Mapson, J.
Panic in a suitcase : Akhtiorskaya, Y.
Private down under / Patterson, J.
Prototype : Waters, M.
River talk / Anderson, C.
Season of the dragonflies : Creech, S.
Secrets of the lighthouse / Montefiore, S.
Shirley : Merrell, S.
Silver Bay : Moyes, J.
Skin of the wolf / Cabot, S.
Small blessings : Woodroof, M.
Snow in May : Melnik, K.
Strange country / Coates, D.
Support and defend / Greaney, M.
Swan point / Woods, S.
Sweet water : Kline, C.
Sweetness #9 : Clark, S.
Texas true / Dailey, J.
The 6th extinction : Rollins, J.
The accidental apprentice : Swarup, V.
The awakening of Miss Prim / Fenollera, N.
The butterfly and the violin : Cambron, K.
The confessions of Frances Godwin : Hellenga, R.
The cost of lunch, etc. : Piercy, M.
The eye of heaven / Cussler, C.
The furies : Haynes, N.
The ghost in the electric blue suit : Joyce, G.
The girls at the Kingfisher Club : Valentine, G.
The home place / La Seur, C.
The house we grew up in / Jewell, L.
The kills : House, R.
The liar's wife / Gordon, M.
The madmen of Benghazi / De Villiers, G.
The Mary Smokes boys : Holland, P.
The matchmaker : Hilderbrand, E.
The miniaturist / Burton, J.
The Mountaintop School for Dogs and other second chances / Cooney, E.
The objects of her affection : Cobb, S.
The oleander sisters / Hussey, E.
The sacred river : Wallace, W.
The Sea garden : Willett, M.
The story hour : Umrigar, T.
The string diaries / Jones, S.
The supernatural enhancements : Cantero, E.
The three emperors : Dietrich, W.
The true & splendid history of the Harristown sisters / Lovric, M.
The undertaking / Magee, A.
The visitors : Beauman, S.
The widow's guide to sex and dating : Radziwill, C.
The wolf : Carcaterra, L.
Three bargains : Malik, T.
Tigerman : Harkaway, N.
Top secret : Griffin, W.
Unmanned / Fesperman, D.
Visions : Armstrong, K.
We are not ourselves / Thomas, M.
When the world was young : Gaffney, E.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot / Shafer, D.
Wood heat / Rule, R.
Written in my own heart's blood : Gabaldon, D.
You should have known / Korelitz, J.
You're not much use to anyone : Shapiro, D.
Your face in mine / Row, J.