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New Fiction in January 2015

A pleasure and a calling : a novel / Hogan, P.
A second bite at the apple / Bate, D.
After the fall : Gussin, P.
After the war is over : Robson, J.
Amnesia / Carey, P.
An appetite for violets : Bailey, M.
Before he finds her / Kardos, M.
Black River / Hulse, S.
Bonita Avenue / Buwalda, P.
Bred to kill : a thriller / Thilliez, F.
Cane and Abe / Grippando, J.
City of savages / Kelly, L.
Descent : a novel / Johnston, T.
Doing the devil's work / Loehfelm, B.
Done in one / Jerkins, G.
Driving the king : a novel / Howard, R.
Etta and Otto and Russell and James : Hooper, E.
Fear the darkness / Masterman, B.
First frost / Allen, S.
Formerly fingerman / Nelms, J.
Friendship / Gould, E.
Frog : a novel / Yan, M.
Gideon / Gordon, A.
God loves Haiti : Leger, D.
Hard limit / Wild, M.
Her : Lane, H.
Honeydew : Pearlman, E.
If I fall, if I die : Christie, M.
In some other world, maybe / Goldhagen, S.
It must be your love / A
Jam on the vine : a novel / Barnett, L.
Lost & found / Davis, B.
Mobile library : Whitehouse, D.
Mort(e) / Repino, R.
My father's wives / Greenberg, M.
One step too far / Seskis, T.
Outline : Cusk, R.
Portsmouth : a love story. Rousseau, R.
Private Vegas / Patterson, J.
Retribution / Hagberg, D.
Robert Ludlum's (TM) The Geneva strategy / Freveletti, J.
Shark skin suite / Dorsey, T.
Something rich and strange : Rash, R.
Sweetland : a novel / Crummey, M.
Tesla : Pistalo, V.
The assassination option : Griffin, W.
The blood of angels / Sinisalo, J.
The Boston girl : Diamant, A.
The color of justice / Collins, A.
The empty throne : Cornwell, B.
The first bad man : July, M.
The girl on the train / Hawkins, P.
The grown ups / Antalek, R.
The guard / Terrin, P.
The hunger of the wolf : a novel / Marche, S.
The jaguar's children / Vaillant, J.
The just city / Walton, J.
The killing season / Cross, M.
The language of hoofbeats / Hyde, C.
The magician's lie : Macallister, G.
The marauders : a novel / Cooper, T.
The Rabbit Back Literature Society / Jaaskelainen, P.
The reckoning / Hunt, J.
The Rosie effect : Simsion, G.
The sacrifice / Oates, J.
The secret wisdom of the earth / Scotton, C.
Trust no one / Krentz, J.
Unbecoming : a novel / Scherm, R.
Uncle Janice : Burgess, M.
Viking Bay : Lawson, M.
War of the wives / Cohen, T.
West of sunset / O'Nan, S.
Wet work / Roberts, L.