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New Fiction in March 2014

A Burnable Book / Holsinger, B.
A circle of wives / LaPlante, A.
A curse on Dostoevsky / Rahimi, A.
A fall of marigolds : Meissner, S.
A heart's rebellion : Axtell, R.
A highly unlikely scenario, or a Neetsa Pizza employee's guide to saving the world / Cantor, R.
A killing of angels / Rhodes, K.
A king's ransom / Penman, S.
A well-tempered heart / Sendker, J.
Above / Morley, I.
American romantic / Just, W.
An Amish Garden : Wiseman, B.
Anvil of god : Gleason, J.
Bark : Moore, L.
Be careful what you wish for / Archer, J.
Be safe I love you / Hoffman, C.
Black Moon : Calhoun, K.
Blossom Street brides : Macomber, D.
Boy, snow, bird : Oyeyemi, H.
Cambridge : Kaysen, S.
Chance : Nunn, K.
Citadel : Mosse, K.
Clever girl : Hadley, T.
Decoded / Mai, J.
Eat what you kill / Scofield, T.
Empress of the night : Stachniak, E.
Evening stars / Mallery, S.
Eyes wide open, the full story. Dekker, T.
Falling out of time / Grossman, D.
Fast women / Crusie, J.
Four friends / Carr, R.
Free falling, as if in a dream : Persson, L.
Gemini : Cassella, C.
Gulf Boulevard / Hart, D.
Half world : O'Connor, S.
Hidden riches / Mason, F.
High crime area : Oates,, J.
Hyde : Levine, D.
Kill fee / Laukkanen, O.
Kinder than solitude : Li, Y.
Lone wolf : Picoult, J.
Long man : Greene, A.
Mind of winter : Kasischke, L.
Mirage / Cussler, C.
Monument road / Quimby, C.
No one to trust : Eason, L.
Notorious / Brennan, A.
Power play : Steel, D.
Prayers for the stolen / Clement, J.
Precious thing / McBeth, C.
Queen Elizabeth's daughter : Barnhill, A.
Redeployment / Klay, P.
Robert Ludlum's The Janson option / Garrison, P.
Roosevelt's beast : Bayard, L.
Saint monkey : Townsend, J.
Savage Girl / Zimmerman, J.
Sedition : Grant, K.
Shotgun lovesongs : Butler, M.
Sing for me / Schreck, K.
Tempting fate / Green, J.
The accident : Pavone, C.
The all you can dream buffet : O'Neal, B.
The ballad of a small player / Osborne, L.
The blazing world : Hustvedt, S.
The bootlegger : Cussler, C.
The Cairo affair / Steinhauer, O.
The daughters of Mars / Keneally, T.
The divorce papers : Rieger, S.
The enchanted : Denfeld, R.
The first true lie : Mander, M.
The Frangipani Hotel : Kupersmith, V.
The free : Vlautin, W.
The ghost apple : Thier, A.
The haunting of Hill House / Jackson, S.
The headmaster's wife / Greene, T.
The hunger and the howling of Killian Lone / Storr, W.
The land of steady habits : Thompson, T.
The lie : Kestin, H.
The lost sisterhood : Fortier, A.
The map of true places / Barry, B.
The mapmaker's daughter : Corona, L.
The memory of lost senses / Kinghorn, J.
The moon sisters : Walsh, T.
The Museum of Extraordinary Things : Hoffman, A.
The orchard of lost souls : Mohamed, N.
The Prince of Risk / Reich, C.
The promise / Weisgarber, A.
The returned / Mott, J.
The spinning heart / Ryan, D.
The thoughts and happenings of Wilfred Price, purveyor of superior funerals / Jones, W.
The time between / White, K.
The UnAmericans : Antopol, M.
The visitors / O'Keeffe, P.
The weight of blood : McHugh, L.
The wonder chamber / Malloy, M.
Three brothers : Ackroyd, P.
Tyringham Park : McLoughlin, R.
Waking the dead / Graham, H.
Warriors / Bell, T.
Watching you / Robotham, M.
Water Walker / Dekker, T.
Where's Whitey? / Weeks, K.
Wonderkid ; Stace, W.
Worst. person. ever. / Coupland, D.