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New Fiction in October 2014

10:04: a novel / Lerner, B.
A map of betrayal / Jin, H.
A sudden light / Stein, G.
Accidents of marriage : Meyers, R.
An Irish doctor in peace and at war / Taylor, P.
Angel killer : Mayne, A.
As if women mattered: a novel / DeLuca, V.
Beautiful you / Palahniuk, C.
Best to laugh : Landvik, L.
Biblical : Galt, C.
Blood magick / Roberts, N.
Burn / Patterson, J.
Burned : Plame, V.
City of stairs : Bennett, R.
Cobra / Meyer, D.
Desert god : Smith, W.
Falling from horses / Gloss, M.
Falling sky / Khanna, R.
Far as the eye can see : Bausch, R.
Fifty shades darker / James, E.
Firefly Lane / Hannah, K.
First impressions : Lovett, C.
Five minutes alone / Cleave, P.
Florence Gordon / Morton, B.
For the dead / Hallinan, T.
Friendswood / Steinke, R.
Full measure : Parker, T.
Glimmerglass : Youmans, M.
Goodhouse / Marshall, P.
Gretel and the dark / Granville, E.
Gutenberg's apprentice : Christie, A.
Hacker : Dekker, T.
Hardline / Wild, M.
Hardpressed / Wild, M.
Havana storm : Cussler, C.
Hold the dark : Giraldi, W.
How to build a girl / Moran, C.
It won't always be this great : Mehlman, P.
Leaving time : a novel / Picoult, J.
Liberators : Rawles, J.
Lila / Robinson, M.
Limbo / Mazzucco, M.
Lizzy & Jane : Reay, K.
Mr. Bones : Theroux, P.
My son's story / Gordimer, N.
Nora Webster : Toibin, C.
Pegasus : Steel, D.
Reunion : Pittard, H.
Run : Grant, A.
Sabotage / Cook, M.
Saint Brigid's Bones : Freeman, P.
Seventh grave and no body / Jones, D.
Shopaholic to the stars : Kinsella, S.
Some luck : Smiley, J.
Sometimes the wolf / Waite, U.
Somewhere safe with somebody good : Karon, J.
Spark : Twelve Hawks, J.
Strong darkness / Land, J.
Sweet Sunday / Lawton, J.
The assassination of Margaret Thatcher : Mantel, H.
The best of me / Sparks, N.
The betrayers : Bezmozgis, D.
The Black Stiletto : Endings & beginnings : the fifth diary-- 1962 / Benson, R.
The book of strange new things : Faber, M.
The day of atonement : Liss, D.
The disappearance boy / Bartlett, N.
The empire of night / Butler, R.
The firelight girls / McLaren, K.
The forgers / Morrow, B.
The great sand fracas of Ames County : Apps, J.
The happiest people in the world / Clarke, B.
The high divide : Enger, L.
The last breath / Belle, K.
The lost key / Coulter, C.
The luminous heart of Jonah S. / Nahai, G.
The May bride : Dunn, S.
The missing place / Littlefield, S.
The patience of rivers : Freda, J.
The peripheral / Gibson, W.
The siege : Perez-Reverte, A.
The silent sister / Chamberlain, D.
The traitor's wife : Pataki, A.
The wallcreeper : Zink, N.
The zone of interest : Amis, M.
Treat us like dogs and we will become wolves / Chute, C.
Us / Nicholls, D.
When mystical creatures attack! / Founds, K.
Wyoming strong / Palmer, D.