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Detailed Instructions For First Time Users of 
the Online Library Catalog

Read or print these instructions before clicking on "Search the Library Catalog". 

This is what will happen after you click on "Search the Library Catalog".

You will see DOVERNET on your screen. At the login prompt type: library (must be in lower case) and press the <Enter> or <Return> key.

When the screen says: Enter terminal type or number: 
type 1 then press the <Enter> or <Return> key.

When the screen says: Do you want to test the terminal emulation? (Y/[N]) press the <Enter> or <Return> key.

Now you are at the Library's electronic Bulletin Board. Type q then press the <Enter> or <Return> key to get past the Bulletin Board.

This brings you to the Dynix Door. Simply press the <Enter> or <Return> key and you will be in the  Library catalog.

Online Catalog

Search the
Library Catalog

 login as library

In order to connect to the Dover Public Library Online Catalog, you must have Telnet software installed on your computer.  The Telnet program runs on your computer and connects your PC to the Library server. You can then enter commands through the Telnet program and they will be executed as if you were entering them directly on a computer at the Library.

Windows 95/98 comes with a Telnet application. Netscape 4.x and Internet Explorer should automatically use this Telnet application, so you should not need to do any special setup in your World Wide Web browser to use the Windows 95/98 Telnet. 

If Netscape does not automatically find the program follow these steps: 

1.Make sure you have Telnet software installed 

2. For Netscape 4.x, select Edit, then select Preferences. 

3.Look for the space for entering a Telnet application. Use the Browse button to select your Telnet application, or enter the full path and file name of the Telnet application on your computer. 

Go to for a step by step demonstration of configuring telnet to your Netscape browser.

AOL users click here for instructions on downloading and installing telnet software for use with AOL. 


Below are a few sites that offer telnet software for downloading. NOTE: Be sure you select a package compatible with your operating system (Windows 95/NT, Windows 3.1/3.11, MAC etc.).


Your Mac should already have a communications software package on it called ClarisWorks.  Select these options from drop down menus.

Method: Apple Modem tool
Dial Phone #: [743-6089]
Dialing Method: Touch-tone
Redial: [your choice]
Answer After: [your choice]
Modem Options
Hayes compatible
Error Correction: none
Correction Type: [doesn't matter]

Display Modem Monitor: [leave this unchecked]
Port Settings
19200 baud rate
Parity: none
Data Bits: 8
Stop Bits: 1
Handshake: none
Select whatever port the modem is connected to.
Terminal Settings
Emulation: VT102
Terminal Mode: ANSI/VT102
OnLine: [checked]
Local Echo: [unchecked]
Text Cursor: underline
Show Status Bar: [unchecked]
Show Tab Ruler: [unchecked]
Answerback Message: none

For more information, and to dial in directly please go to the Dover Public Library Dial-In Access Page