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Connecting from Home/Gateways to Other Libraries/Internet Access

Connecting from Home:

Make sure your computer's telecommunications software settings are set to the following:

Terminal Emulation

Parity None
Stop Bits 1
Data Bits 8
Baud Rate Any from 1200 to 28.8
Modem Phone Number 743-6089

(If you are using Windows 95, choose the HyperTerminal program to connect.  We also lend Procomm if you need to load some telecommunications software.)

  1. When your modem has connected to the Library, you'll see a blank screen with your cursor blinking in the upper left corner.  Press the <enter> or <return> key once or twice.
  2. The screen will read DOVERNET and you'll see a login prompt at the bottom of the screen.
  3. At the login prompt type: library (must be in lower case) and press the <Enter> or <Return> key.
  4. Choose the VT100 emulation which says "Dial In".
  5. You are now in the Library Online Catalog and can search the Public Library and Public Schools holdings.
  6. If you know your barcode number, you can review your own circulation record, renew your books, place items on hold, or connect to other libraries.
  7. When you're through searching, choose #10 on the Main Menu to logoff.

Gateways to Other Libraries:

    You can connect to other library systems beyond DoverNet by choosing #9 "Additional Searches" from the Main Search Menu, then #8 "Other Libraries" from the sub-menu. Pick the library you’re interested in from the list displayed. Be sure to follow all logon and logoff instructions in order to properly enter and exit these remote systems. And please be patient: it sometimes takes a few minutes to establish a connection.

Internet Access:

  1. The Dover Public Library provides workstations for free public access to the Internet as an informational, educational, and recreational resource.
  2. The Library expects that use of the Internet will be responsible and ethical, consistent with the purpose for which this resource is provided. Library staff reserve the right to monitor use of the Internet workstations to ensure compliance with this policy. Staff have the right to cancel or interrupt the use of the Internet at any time.
  3. All Internet workstations are located in public areas and images on the screen may be visible to a wide audience. Internet users must respect the rights and sensitivities of others, consistent with the library’s rules of conduct. Unauthorized, illegal, or unethical use will result in loss of Internet privileges. Malicious damage could result in prosecution. Prohibited are:

Guidelines for Use

  1. Workstations are available for 60-minute or 15-minute periods. All users MUST sign up at the Adult Circulation Desk for each time period. Use is limited to 60 minutes per day/per user. A valid Dover Public Library borrower’s card must be used to access the Internet at each station. Access may be denied if checked-out library materials are overdue or fines are owed.
  2. Printing charges are $.10 per page; Or, data may be downloaded to a library-purchased 3.5" disk ($1.00). Due to chances of a virus, users are not permitted to bring in their own disks. Even a library-purchased disk, if brought home and used in another computer, cannot be used again on library equipment. No user may download information onto the computer’s hard drive.
  3. The 60-minute workstations may be reserved in advance. Call the Circulation Desk 743-6050 to reserve a time period. Walk-ins are allowed when the stations are free. Users arriving more than 10 minutes late for their reservation will forfeit their scheduled time if someone else is waiting.
  4. No reservations are taken for the 15-minute workstation which operates on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Each station is limited to a maximum of two persons.
  6. Staff will assist patrons with the Internet as time permits, but cannot offer extensive personal instruction. Formal instruction is provided by library staff at designated times. Please call 743-6082 for an Internet class schedule.