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Slaterís Card

October 1921, Cocheco Chats

Samuel Slater who is known as the father of the American Cotton Industry, was an Englishman, who in his early days served as an apprentice, learning the cotton trade thoroughly. In 1790 while still a young man, he came to America, intending to produce the English machinery into this country. The restrictions on taking the machinery and designs out of England were so strict, it was impossible for him to bring any machinery with him, or even plans, but as he thoroughly understood all the machinery when he reached America he designed and built his own machines. The photograph of the carding machine which is now in the National Museum is supposed to be the first revolving card machine built in this country

Slater's Card


Slaterís Water Wheel Spinning Frame

When Samuel Slater came to this country in 1790, he also built a spinning frame similar to what was used at that time in England. The photograph shows the frame just as it was found in the mill.

Slater's Spinning Frame


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