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      There are many aspects to consider when selecting your child’s first school.  Within limitations imposed by practical considerations of fee, transportation, and hours, there will probably be several possible choices.  The best way to get information about a school is to visit during regular school hours.


      Having made an appointment to visit, what will you be looking for?  The list of questions below is certainly not all-encompassing. In fact, probably nothing is more important than your intuitive feelings that may be impossible to put into words.


      However, you may want to consider the following:

      1.  Is the indoor and outdoor environment pleasant, clean, safe, and healthy?   

      2.  Are children happily involved in their activities?

      3.  Is the staff attentive to the individual child?  Do they guide and listen to children in a relaxed manner?

      4.  Is there an ample supply of instructional materials and toys? Are children able to make choices?  Are activities challenging while at the same time appropriate to the child’s stage of development?  Is a child able to explore; to use his curiosity and inventiveness to the fullest?

      5.  Is discipline positive and caring?  Is the shy child dealt with sensitively?  Is an aggressive child treated with firmness and understanding?  Are behavior guidelines reasonable and clear to the children?

      6.  Is there ample opportunity for interaction between children?  Are children learning from one and another?

      7.  Is there a place and time for quiet and privacy?

      8.  Finally, consider your child.  What are your child’s strengths and needs?  Would they be met in this school?  The best possible school for one child may not be the best for another.

      A final word about responsibility: It is the responsibility of a school to provide a safe place, a competent staff, and an environment where optimum learning takes place.  It is the parents’ responsibility to pay fees on time, to meet such obligations as prompt delivery and pick up of children, to observe health requirements, and to keep an open line of communication with the staff.

      Parents’ ultimate responsibility is to their child.  Be alert to your child’s feeling about school.  Any problems should be dealt with openly and honestly between parents and staff.